Guizhou Overseas Promotion Association / 海外贵州促进会

GZOPA Mission / 宗旨

To associate Guizhou folks and friends to promote Guizhou


GZOPA Objective / 目标

To provide opportunities for the professional development of members, including the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and information.

To provide opportunities for the exchange of knowledge in the field of business promotion through the local conference, and the events of the GuiZhou Government Business Promotion.

海外贵州促进会的主要目标,就是通过在贵州和海外的各种经济,文化交流活动,建立起贵州和海外沟通的桥梁, 同时为协会会员提供更多有效的,专业的交流机会和平台。

Guizhou Today / 贵州近况

US Today / 美国近况

* 新华网贵州要闻(Xinhua Guizhou news)
* 贵州人民政府(Guizhou government)
* 贵州金黔在线新闻
* 贵州信息港
* 腾讯网QQ新闻贵州地方站
* 贵州信息港
* USA Today (今日美国)
* Yahoo News
* Google News
* US Government (美国政府网)
* White House (白宫网)

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